echo's hamster care

Hamster Essentials

Hamsters aren't a "simple" and "easy" pet. They require money and resources, lots of it. If you're thinking about getting a hamster, make sure you have the money for emergencies and monthly costs. Things you will need include:
  • Funds for monthly costs such as bedding, food, forage, chews, etc.
  • Funds for an exotic vet. Checkups can cost between $25-$100. Emergency visits can cost $100+. Nail trimmings are around $20.
  • Someone who can take care of your hamster if you are gone.
  • A carrier to bring them to the vet.
  • An enclosure to live in, obviously.
For the enclosure you will need...
  • a food bowl and a water dish/bottle
  • a wheel (8 inches for a Robo, 8-10 for a dwarf, 12+ for a syrian)
  • levels (platforms, bridges, branches from safe woods, etc)
  • a container to put safe sand in (aka a sandbath)
  • stilts or platforms for heavy objects
  • hideouts (multi-chamber, ceramic, terracotta, etc)
  • tunnels are optional but they do help as a burrow starter
  • a dig box (coconut soil, terrarium soil, cork granules, etc) is optional but does help with enrichment
  • an absolute minimum of 6 inches of bedding (paper, aspen, birch)
  • pet-safe chews and toys
  • food and water
  • forage mixes and sprays