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Hello, World!

This is my little corner of the web to share information about hamsters and share my journey in raising them. The goal of this website is to teach people some things and to express myself in the form of writing and web design. You can learn more about me on my About Me page, but for now let me tell you a bit about my hamsters.

Name Species Gender Status Fun Fact
Bear Roborovski Male ?-2021 He loved mealworms.
Charcoal Hybrid Dwarf Male 2021-present He is very bitey.
Tiger Roborovski Male 01/09/22-present He's a scaredy cat.

My Hamster Care Journey

It all started mid 2021 when I got my handsome Bear. My care was horrendous for the first few weeks. The first day I got him he was in a 10 gallon tank. I learned that same day he needed bigger, so the next day I got a 20 gallon long tank. This was still not enough, so I saved up money and two weeks later I got a 40 gallon breeder. It took a month to get him all the supplies he needed. I got him a proper wheel (not a saucer), a sandbath, and some other stuff. He had the basics when I first got him, of course.

Bear passed on Halloween 2021. I cried and cried and cried. I decided that to cope I would distract myself with another hamster. So, I got Charcoal. Charcoal was when I started deeply learning about hamster care and taking it seriously. I dabbled in it with Bear but it wasn't my priority. I promised that I would do my absolute best for Charcoal in memory of Bear. I wanted to make Bear proud. Charcoal is a hybrid and I got him from a petshop. These two combined resulted in neurological aggression. He shows all the symptoms. It's frustrating for both of us but I have learned to accept him for who he is. I do not plan to get rid of him, but rather do my best for him. It's not his fault he's like this.

February 12th, 2022. I went to meet up with a local breeder and adopt Tiger. He's currently a little over a month old. I hope to give him the best life I can. He's currently in a bin cage but this is temporary. I plan to upgrade significantly.