echo's hamster care


Unlike a human, a hamster cannot leave their home whenever they want. For most of their life, they are confined to the home you give them. This is why it's important to give your hamster a good-sized enclosure. Most commerical hamster cages are dangerous and too small. Imagine if you had to live in your bedroom for your entire life and couldn't leave it ever. You had to sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, bathe, and exercise in there. This is the life of a hamster. They are stuck in a confined space, so please give them as big of an enclosure as you can.

Let's talk about bare minimums. The bare minimum size for hamster enclosures vary around the world. Because your hamster's enclosure meets your country's bare minimum does not mean your hamster is automatically happy. The "bare minimum" is subjective anyway, one country's miniumum is too small for another country's. Do hamsters in different countries prefer different sized enclosures? No, they don't. They all prefer the biggest possible. The USA's bare minimum is 450in². This is simply too small. Germany's bare minimum is 775in², which can also be considered small.

There are multiple types of enclosures you can use for your hamster. Good examples are DIY enclosures and large tanks/terrariums. Wired cages aren't recommended as they are often too small and need modifications. Please check out The Hamingway's Enclosure Comparison and Database website to see if an enclosure is suitable for a hamster or not!